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Xinxing Electronic Ceramics Co., located in the ancient city of Xinhua,a famous city with a long history and outstanding scenery.Founded in 1997,Xinxing is a high-tech enterprise integrating comprehensive R&D,production and sales of integrated special ceramic products and components. Xinxing has two production bases at present,Meishu Village of Shangmei Town and Sangzi Village of Sangzi Town, with a total area of over 120,000 square meters, total assetsof over 100 million CNY and more than 600 employees.As the Secretariat of the National Structural Ceramics Standardization Subcommittee Technical Committee, Xinxing is responsible for the revision and revision of national structural ceramics national standards and industry standards, and enjoys high honor and status in the same industry. In 2012,Xinxing was organized as the Hunan Enterprise Technology Center. It has undertaken a number of national and provincial scientific research projects and developed a number of high-tech products.
At the beginning of its establishment, Xinxing specializes in the production of ceramic metallization. As one of the products, gas discharge tube ceramic has occupied nearly 40% of the global market share after 20 years of development! With the development of company, R&D and production of various structural ceramics, wear-resistant ceramics, sealed ceramics, insulating ceramics and multilayer ceramic printed circuit boards have been strengthened in the development of the company for 20 years.Up to now, thermostat ceramics and faucet valves have become the largest supplier in China! In order to meet the needs of the market better, Xinxing has added metalized ceramic brazing and tape casting production lines in recent years, which has added an extremely important jigsaw to the deepening application of the company' s ceramics field!
Xinxing Electronic Ceramics adheres to technological innovation, adheres to brand management, and is committed to improving product quality and service level. At the same time of upgrading its management level, it is working together with customers to seek common cause.  
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